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As a culturally sensitive Police Service, it is our Mission as the Local Bargaining Unit for our Membership to be courageous in our efforts to ensure that our officers first have all the necessary tools…

President’s Message

Dear Fellow members,

The website will be updated shortly and we are working on making the site a little more user friendly. We really appreciate your patience.

In Solidarity,

Mike Bennett

Help Support First Nations Policing

We have started a new petition campaign to support First Nations policing. The public’s help is instrumental so please read the introduction below and view the entire campaign.

I Support First Nations Policing

Policing is a priority to any community, including First Nations Communities. We have seen First Nations communities band together to affect change in improving community safety and security and this has made a tremendous difference. Canadian citizens standing alongside with First Nations communities can continue to affect positive change to community wellbeing. By establishing a strong and united community, we are delivering the message to all levels of government, that First Nations Communities deserve the same level of policing services as any other jurisdiction .


To unite all Nations, Native and Non-Native across Canada to demand the legislation guaranteeing First Nations Policing Programs are reclassified as permanent programs, with stable and adequate funding.

Mission Statement:

This is a grassroots movement to create positive change and to ensure that citizens in all communities have the same level of policing services, to ensure the safety of communities across the country. It is time that we sing out as one voice. It is evident that both levels of government (Federal and Provincial) have not been adequately taking into account First Nations communities on this issue of high-quality culturally appropriate policing. First Nations community leaders have been clear on this need, as safety, stability and security are major concerns across the territories. First Nations Policing issues must be taken seriously, and all levels of government must hear our concerns and demands.


  1. To obtain proper, stable and permanent funding for First Nations policing services.
  2. Ensure the financial longevity and sustainability of the all First Nations police services.
  3. Enact legislation to include First Nations policing is treated in the same way as their counter-parts in the municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement.


  1. Unite for fairness and equality.
  2. Educate the public on the need for First Nations programs.
  3. Enact legislation to reflect a proper funding formula for First Nations policing.


  1. Petition, lobby, rally and demonstrate for stable, permanent funding to continue high-quality First Nations policing services.
  2. Demand all levels of government recognize the important contributions of First Nations policing.
  3. Ensure that any funding formula enacted properly reflect the First Nations communities security and safety needs.

Campaign Details

  • Anyone, organization or communities can help get Petitions signed,
  • Must be Canadian and have an address,
  • The Petition must be printed on legal size paper (8.5 x 14),
  • Every Petition must be printed with the preamble,
  • 25 signatures spots must be on the petition.

Download Petition:


Send completed petitions to:

  • C/O Mike Bennett
    PO Box 2110
    Kenora, Ontario
    P9N 3×8